I recently visited Krakow as part of a two week trip across the Czech Republic and Poland. Krakow was a great city for wandering around and soaking up the atmosphere. Beside the museums and churches, I was looking forward the food, as many people had told me that the restaurants in Krakow were great, and really affordable when you compare the prices to restaurants in the UK. So I embarked on a foodie tour of the city, in an effort to try as many dishes as possible. Here are three of my favourite stops from the tour…

Pizzeria Trzy Papryczki

On my first evening in Krakow I came across this bustling Pizzeria in the centre of town. Having read that the Polish people love Italian food and were therefore very good at cooking it, I was excited to find this Pizzeria off a side street that was full of locals and family groups. With a great atmosphere and customers finishing large bowls or luscious pasta and pizzas baked in the garden’s wood fired oven.

For my starter I had a beautiful chicken salad with raspberries and pine nuts. To follow I had pasta in a tomato sauce with a glass of Pinot Grigio. Both courses were excellent. Directions to the Pizzeria can be found here and their website can be found here.

The Black Duck at Hotel Wawel, Krakow

The Black Duck, Krakow is a place I stumbled across one afternoon when looking for a restaurant to spend a few hours relaxing and trying some Polish delicacies. I was heading for a restaurant my Polish friend had recommended to me, Miod Malina, a mere 20 metres away. As that place was full to bursting, I decided to look for somewhere a bit more relaxing and quiet as I was on my own and looking forward to eating and reading.

The Black Duck, found at 22 Poselka street, has a fabulous menu of Polish favourites at very reasonable prices. I sat in the garden area (although there is also an indoor section). I chose Russian Pierogis (left)and Polish crispy vegetable pancakes with goulash (right). The staff were super friendly and wanted to know whether I enjoyed the food, and if I were having a good time in Krakow. They were keen for me to return to try some more traditional Polish dishes, as was I. The Black Duck is a serene haven in the middle of busy tourist Krakow.

Pirogies at the Black Duck, Krakow

You can find more information on the Black Duck restaurant on the Hotel Wawel website.

The entrance to the black duck, krakow


Wedel’s Chocolate Cafe (Pijalnia Czekolady)

Situation on the main square in Krakow, this cafe is a bit of a tourist trap. However, the food was super tasty, so I couldn’t leave it out of my favourites list. A serious thunderstorm had just erupted over Krakow when I dived into this cafe to keep dry and have a drink. A drink turned into the meal you can see below; mascarpone filled pancakes with cherry sauce (a polish specialty), accompanied by a hot chocolate. It was all super luxurious and certainly satisfied my sweet tooth as I waited out the rain.


I’d really recommend Krakow as a place to visit. I found it to be a really relaxing place, with great museums and architecture, and if you’re a real foodie, you can eat at a brilliant restaurant every night and never have the same dish twice.